We Heart Camille Rose Garcia

Miss Matilda is a huge fan of artist Camille Rose Garcia and we were delighted to discover that she was signing books at SFMOMA last Thursday night. Not only did the event offer an opportunity to meet the amazing artist and get a signed copy of her new book Snow White, but we also met cake artiste Dante Nuno of Fire and Icing and popped into a DIY photo booth, courtesy of photographer Gregory Cowley. A delicious (Banana-split cake covered in swans, magical mushrooms and an octopus holding an umbrella? Yes please.) time was had by all!

Camille Rose Garcia and Fire and Icing’s Dante Nuno

Camille Rose Garcia talking with some of her many fans.
The amazing cake by Fire and Icing.
Fans working it in the photo booth.

Terrarium Crazy!

Friends, you know Miss Matilda and I love to build our own terrariums, but for those of you who want the look without the work, check out this fabulous collection put together by Apartment Therapy.
From Apartment Therapy’s Buy or DIY: Trendy Terrariums

Here at Dr. Tingleton HQ, we believe that bringing nature inside helps increase the flow of psychic energy, enlivens our surroundings and improves our lives. Life is short, and we aim to make it as sweet as possible by eliminating what is not helpful and surrounding ourselves with energizing people, ideas and things. This is the philosophy behind all of the apps we build and everything we do.

What do you do to enliven your surroundings and improve your life? Comment below and let us know!

We Heart Art and Books and Art Books

Miss Matilda and I stopped by SFMOMA last week to see the amazing Mark Bradford and Rineke Dijkstra shows. We highly recommend paying the museum a visit to catch these 2 shows if you find yourself in San Francisco in the next few months. Guess what else we highly recommend? Leaving  enough time to visit the MuseumStore. Miss M. and I both love, love, love books and the place is filled with them, as well as other inspired objects. Here is a small sampling of the beautiful things the MuseumStore has to offer…

Mark Ryden’s highly coveted Pinxit, a signed limited edition of 1,000 copies.
Even at $1,000 Pinxit is expected to be sold out in the U.S. by the end of the month. Miss Matilda will consult her Decision Maker on payday to see if a copy of Pinxit is in the stars for her book collection!

The Small Stakes by Jason Munn
This 2010 book features designer Jason Munn’s music posters created from 2002-2009. Munn also created a line for the SFMOMA Artists’ Series which includes prints, tote bags, T-shirts, journals and mugs, all priced from $5.95-$32.00.

Paris Versus New York vs. Japanese Old Boombox Design Catalog
We can’t decide what we love more: this book featuring our 2 favorite cities by designer Vahram Muratyan, or this kooky boombox book from Japan. Life is so hard!

Adults don’t get to have all the fun…the MuseumStore also has dreamy accoutrements and hilarious books for the 12 and under set. And educational books, too, of course.

The Book Rest Lamp by Sang Jin Lee
How adorable is this house shaped book rest/lamp? It’s the perfect light for Miss Matilda’s reading nook. Let’s hope she does not try to rest her new 35 lb copy of Pinxit here!

Yes & Yes!
Would you believe it if we told you that these fabulous jewels are made from…books? Oakland Artist Laura Bruland creates her line, Yes & Yes Designs, from recycled book covers. I think these earrings are the perfect anniversary present for my book-loving-beloved, Miss Matilda!

In conclusion…SFMOMA is Heaven for art lovers and book lovers and art book lovers. And apparently (based on the amount of gifts I’ve just sourced for Miss Matilda) lovers!



Inspiration Found at the Alameda Flea

Miss Matilda and I often go to the Alameda Flea Market on the first Sunday of the month. It is a tremendous source of inspiration for us. Here we find objects that spark ideas for home, art and craft projects as well as the occasional item that we simply cannot live without. Here are some of Miss Matilda’s snaps from our latest Flea adventure…

What Will You Drink at Your Mad Men Premier Party on March 25?

Just in Time for Your Mad Men Premier Party: Dr. Tingleton’s Miracle Apps, procurer of fine digital elixirs, has released The Miracle Cocktail Decision Maker App
What will you drink at your Mad Men premier party on March 25? Why leave this important decision to chance  when Dr. Tingleton can help you with his new app for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

San Francisco, CA March 13, 2012
Having trouble choosing the right old-school cocktails to serve at your Mad Men premier party? Or, how often do you find yourself sitting at a crowded bar, choking under pressure when it’s your turn to order? Fear not friends! Due to popular demand, Dr. Tingleton has created this Miracle Cocktail Decision Maker App just for you, and he can now be available any time of day or night for guidance.
Simply ask Dr. Tingleton a question while simultaneously spinning the needle on the answer wheel. You know it’s working when you see the wheel whirling, thus propelling your question out into the universe where Dr. Tingleton receives it psychically and quickly replies.

Q: Dr. Tingleton, I can’t take the pressure. Can you please tell me which friend-impressing beverage I should serve to
go with my pigs-in-blankets at my upcoming cocktail party?
A: Old Fashioned.

In this case, it is safe to assume that yes; you should in fact serve Old Fashioneds.

Once you’ve downloaded your Miracle Cocktail Decision Maker, you’ll be asking yourself ‘How, oh how, did I ever get this far in life without Dr. Tingleton’s decision making guidance?’. Remember friends, the good doctor wants nothing more than to help you make the right choices in these very specific, often confusing life situations. Now, for a paltry 99 cents you can rest assured that you’ll have a snappy, date-impressing answer at the ready and never order the wrong drink again.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 12.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Dr. Tingleton’s Miracle Cocktail Decision Maker App 1.0 is just $.99 USD and is available as an in-app purchase through Dr. Tingleton’s FREE Miracle Decision Maker App, available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

About Dr. Tingleton
Long sought after for his finely honed intuition and highly cultivated matchmaking skills, Dr. G.C. Tingleton works tirelessly, channeling his psychic powers to help a now countless number of patients improve communication with loved ones, answer burning questions, and increase self-esteem through the power of compliments.

Dr. Tingleton wants nothing more than to share his gifts with all those who seek his help, and now, thanks to his patented bottling system, he can. That’s right: no more traveling great distances or standing in long lines awaiting Dr. Tingleton’s help! Simply download Dr. Tingleton’s miracles today and improve your life, the Dr. Tingleton way.

Camille Verboort

Enliven Your Space: Make Your Own Terrarium

Friends, as you know I’m devoted to improving the lives of my patients, which is why I want to share my terrarium tutorial with you today! Terrariums are beautiful, fascinating and sculptural elements that can enliven your home. These  partially self contained ecosystems fit into almost any space, and creating them offers endless possibilities for artistic expression. If you dream of gardening but do not have outdoor space, terrariums are a great way to cultivate plantlife indoors.

Here are the terrariums that I made for my beloved, Miss Matilda, for her birthday:



Getting started:

The first step is to gather the tools and materials that you will need. Of these, choosing the container can be the most challenging. If you want to work with tropical high humidity plants it’s best to find a closed top, or narrow top glass container.

The soil elements are easily found at a gardening store. You will need:

  • Pebbles, pumice, or perlite.
  • Activated charcoal
  • Potting soil

Other useful tools are:

  • Tweezers and chop sticks to help place and arrange the soil and plants
  • A funnel

Step 1: Foundation

First you want to lay a solid foundation on which to build your micro garden.  You will lay down 3 layers to create the right environment which will keep the soil moist without becoming soggy. The layers also help the air circulate properly through the plant roots.

  • Layer 1: Lay in pebbles or perlite for drainage. This will create a trap for excess water to keep the soil from becoming too damp. I use perlite because it much lighter and I like the aesthetic quality of the white material.
  • Layer 2: Add a layer of charcoal on top of the drainage pebbles. The charcoal filters the air inside the container, keeping it fresh.
  • Layer 3: Finally add the potting soil to complete your garden’s foundation. This should be deep enough to give the plant’s roots space to grow, but leave enough space for the plants to grow vertically.

Step 2: Landscaping
Start your landscaping composition by adding moss. It is best to place the moss first so that it does not become entangled in the leaves of the plants. Be sure to leave patches of dirt visible so that you have room to place the plants. After the moss has been added, you can add other elements such as stones to your landscape.

Step 3: Prepping and Planting

There are a number of different plants to choose from for your terrarium. It’s best to choose plants that are small and will grow well in a high humidity environment. Ferns and pilea are particularly well-suited.

When taking cuttings from plants sure to break the plant off with your fingers as close as possible to a branch. It is also possible to replant a complete rooted plant if your container is large enough to accommodate it.

Be sure to give your plants room to grow.

Small terrariums are particularly well suited for tight spaces and small apartments. They don’t require much water but keep an eye on them to make sure that the soil doesn’t become dry. (Water once a week or when the soil becomes dry.) Add a basic house plant food to the water three times a year.

Keep your terrarium in  bright indirect light. As the plants grow, you may need to prune them back a bit to keep the size under control. If a plant becomes too large it can be replaced with a smaller clipping from that same plant. Your terrarium will continue to prosper and grow with proper care. Enjoy!

Revivify with Yarn Art. Seriously.

Why does Dr. Tingleton work under a chandelier of god’s eyes and yarn pom poms? Because it helps propel his psychic energy out into the Universe, of course. And it looks cool. Would you like to build your own yarn chandelier so that you too can better harness your own psychic power, and create an esthetically improved work environment? Simply follow Dr. Tingleton’s tutorial below.


  • Yarn in your favorite colors (Dr. Tingleton used 6 colors for his chandelier)
  • Sticks (Popsicle sticks are the traditional tool of choice. Dr. Tingleton used branches from a Valentine’s bouquet that he once gave to his beloved, Miss Matilda.)
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors

For the god’s eyes:
First, take 2 sticks and tie them together in the center with a short length of yarn. Then pull the sticks in opposing directions until they form a cross, then tie securely at the center and cut off the excess.

Next, take one color of yarn and starting from the center, wrap it over and around one stick, then under and around the next, over and around the next, and so on until you’re ready to switch to a new color.

Snip your first color of yarn and tie this end to your new color color of choice.


Continue wrapping the yarn over and around one stick, then under and around the next, over and around the next, and so on, repeating these steps until you have your desired color combinations and desired size of god’s eye.

Lastly, take one more piece of string, tie the center securely to one of the stick ends, and then tie the 2 ends of the string in a small loop for hanging.

Now repeat! Dr. Tingleton made 7 god’s eyes in contrasting color patterns for his arrangement.

For the pom poms:
Decide what size you’d like your pom poms to be. Dr. Tingleton made 7 pom poms of differing sizes and colors for his arrangement. If you’d like your pom poms to have 1 inch strands starting from the center, cut a piece of cardboard 2 inches wide and fold in half (the length of the cardboard does not matter but it is more manageable to keep it short: 3 – 4 inches is a good size to work with. Start wrapping your desired yarn around and around the cardboard, so that you are covering the folded side.

The more you wrap the yarn around the cardboard, the thicker your finished pom-pom will be. When making multiple pom-poms, it is a good idea to count how many times you wrap the yarn so that all of your pom-poms will be equally dense.
When you’ve wrapped your desired amount of yarn around the cardboard, cut the end. Next, cut a 6 to 8 inch piece of yarn and slide it through your cardboard center and then down to the cut end of the cardboard (opposite side of the cardboard fold).

Tie this piece in a tight knot around the wrapped threads.

Next, place your scissors at the opposite, folded end of the cardboard and carefully cut through all the strands at this end.

This will release your string from the cardboard and your knotted strand should be in the center (simply adjust it if it is off target).

Tighten the strand as much as possible by tying one more knot in the center, then tie the ends of the strand together to create a loop for hanging. Then, simply fluff the yarn and voila! You have your pom pom. Repeat until you have a precarious pile of pom poms!

Putting it all together:
After creating his pom poms and god’s eyes, Dr. Tingleton slipped yarn through the hanging loops of each one and tied them to his chandelier at varying lengths. It is best to play around at this stage and make sure your placement of each piece is in harmony with the others to for optimum psychic energy flow. There is no right or wrong way to do it! Have fun and create the arrangement that makes you happy.


Perfect Cocktails for Your Mad Men Premier Party

If you are  like me and Miss Matilda, you are eagerly anticipating the return of Mad Men, one of the greatest shows ever to grace television! Believe you me, Miss Matilda puts down her needle point and turns on the TV machine when it’s Donald Draper time. Why does she set her crafts aside for Don? Because she needs one hand free for a cocktail and one hand free for “talk to the hand” whenever my running commentary interrupts her viewing pleasure.

How do we choose our cocktails for our Mad Men viewing? Miss Matilda alternates between a tall glass of red wine à la Betty Draper and her favorite, a dirty martini. I like to mix it up and give my Miracle Cocktail Decision Maker a spin to trigger my own psychic powers to choose my drink for me. There is also this fabulous guide that AMC put together for your Mad Men premier party on March 25th.

Right now 17 days feels like a lifetime! What will happen to our friends Roger, Betty, Joan, Peggy, Stinky Pete, Don and Don’s new fiancèe, Little What’s Her Name? Of course I already know because I’m pyschic, but I can’t wait for you all to find out!