Perfect Cocktails for Your Mad Men Premier Party

If you are  like me and Miss Matilda, you are eagerly anticipating the return of Mad Men, one of the greatest shows ever to grace television! Believe you me, Miss Matilda puts down her needle point and turns on the TV machine when it’s Donald Draper time. Why does she set her crafts aside for Don? Because she needs one hand free for a cocktail and one hand free for “talk to the hand” whenever my running commentary interrupts her viewing pleasure.

How do we choose our cocktails for our Mad Men viewing? Miss Matilda alternates between a tall glass of red wine à la Betty Draper and her favorite, a dirty martini. I like to mix it up and give my Miracle Cocktail Decision Maker a spin to trigger my own psychic powers to choose my drink for me. There is also this fabulous guide that AMC put together for your Mad Men premier party on March 25th.

Right now 17 days feels like a lifetime! What will happen to our friends Roger, Betty, Joan, Peggy, Stinky Pete, Don and Don’s new fiancèe, Little What’s Her Name? Of course I already know because I’m pyschic, but I can’t wait for you all to find out!