Revivify with Yarn Art. Seriously.

Why does Dr. Tingleton work under a chandelier of god’s eyes and yarn pom poms? Because it helps propel his psychic energy out into the Universe, of course. And it looks cool. Would you like to build your own yarn chandelier so that you too can better harness your own psychic power, and create an esthetically improved work environment? Simply follow Dr. Tingleton’s tutorial below.


  • Yarn in your favorite colors (Dr. Tingleton used 6 colors for his chandelier)
  • Sticks (Popsicle sticks are the traditional tool of choice. Dr. Tingleton used branches from a Valentine’s bouquet that he once gave to his beloved, Miss Matilda.)
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors

For the god’s eyes:
First, take 2 sticks and tie them together in the center with a short length of yarn. Then pull the sticks in opposing directions until they form a cross, then tie securely at the center and cut off the excess.

Next, take one color of yarn and starting from the center, wrap it over and around one stick, then under and around the next, over and around the next, and so on until you’re ready to switch to a new color.

Snip your first color of yarn and tie this end to your new color color of choice.


Continue wrapping the yarn over and around one stick, then under and around the next, over and around the next, and so on, repeating these steps until you have your desired color combinations and desired size of god’s eye.

Lastly, take one more piece of string, tie the center securely to one of the stick ends, and then tie the 2 ends of the string in a small loop for hanging.

Now repeat! Dr. Tingleton made 7 god’s eyes in contrasting color patterns for his arrangement.

For the pom poms:
Decide what size you’d like your pom poms to be. Dr. Tingleton made 7 pom poms of differing sizes and colors for his arrangement. If you’d like your pom poms to have 1 inch strands starting from the center, cut a piece of cardboard 2 inches wide and fold in half (the length of the cardboard does not matter but it is more manageable to keep it short: 3 – 4 inches is a good size to work with. Start wrapping your desired yarn around and around the cardboard, so that you are covering the folded side.

The more you wrap the yarn around the cardboard, the thicker your finished pom-pom will be. When making multiple pom-poms, it is a good idea to count how many times you wrap the yarn so that all of your pom-poms will be equally dense.
When you’ve wrapped your desired amount of yarn around the cardboard, cut the end. Next, cut a 6 to 8 inch piece of yarn and slide it through your cardboard center and then down to the cut end of the cardboard (opposite side of the cardboard fold).

Tie this piece in a tight knot around the wrapped threads.

Next, place your scissors at the opposite, folded end of the cardboard and carefully cut through all the strands at this end.

This will release your string from the cardboard and your knotted strand should be in the center (simply adjust it if it is off target).

Tighten the strand as much as possible by tying one more knot in the center, then tie the ends of the strand together to create a loop for hanging. Then, simply fluff the yarn and voila! You have your pom pom. Repeat until you have a precarious pile of pom poms!

Putting it all together:
After creating his pom poms and god’s eyes, Dr. Tingleton slipped yarn through the hanging loops of each one and tied them to his chandelier at varying lengths. It is best to play around at this stage and make sure your placement of each piece is in harmony with the others to for optimum psychic energy flow. There is no right or wrong way to do it! Have fun and create the arrangement that makes you happy.