We Heart Art and Books and Art Books

Miss Matilda and I stopped by SFMOMA last week to see the amazing Mark Bradford and Rineke Dijkstra shows. We highly recommend paying the museum a visit to catch these 2 shows if you find yourself in San Francisco in the next few months. Guess what else we highly recommend? LeavingĀ  enough time to visit the MuseumStore. Miss M. and I both love, love, love books and the place is filled with them, as well as other inspired objects. Here is a small sampling of the beautiful things the MuseumStore has to offer…

Mark Ryden’s highly coveted Pinxit, a signed limited edition of 1,000 copies.
Even at $1,000 Pinxit is expected to be sold out in the U.S. by the end of the month. Miss Matilda will consult her Decision Maker on payday to see if a copy of Pinxit is in the stars for her book collection!

The Small Stakes by Jason Munn
This 2010 book features designer Jason Munn’s music posters created from 2002-2009. Munn also created a line for the SFMOMA Artists’ Series which includes prints, tote bags, T-shirts, journals and mugs, all priced from $5.95-$32.00.

Paris Versus New York vs. Japanese Old Boombox Design Catalog
We can’t decide what we love more: this book featuring our 2 favorite cities by designer Vahram Muratyan, or this kooky boombox book from Japan. Life is so hard!

Adults don’t get to have all the fun…the MuseumStore also has dreamy accoutrements and hilarious books for the 12 and under set. And educational books, too, of course.

The Book Rest Lamp by Sang Jin Lee
How adorable is this house shaped book rest/lamp? It’s the perfect light for Miss Matilda’s reading nook. Let’s hope she does not try to rest her new 35 lb copy of Pinxit here!

Yes & Yes!
Would you believe it if we told you that these fabulous jewels are made from…books? Oakland Artist Laura Bruland creates her line, Yes & Yes Designs, from recycled book covers. I think these earrings are the perfect anniversary present for my book-loving-beloved, Miss Matilda!

In conclusion…SFMOMA is Heaven for art lovers and book lovers and art book lovers. And apparently (based on the amount of gifts I’ve just sourced for Miss Matilda) lovers!