Who Is Dr. Tingleton?

Long sought after for his finely honed intuition and highly cultivated matchmaking skills, Dr. G.C. Tingleton works tirelessly, sitting at his wooden desk under a colorful chandelier of god’s eyes and yarn pom poms. Dr. Tingleton channels his psychic powers to help a now countless number of patients improve communication with loved ones, answer burning questions, and increase self-esteem through the power of compliments. Dr. Tingleton wants nothing more than to share his gifts with all those who seek his help, and now, thanks to his patented bottling system, he can. Dr. Tingleton has bottled his Miracle Elixir’s just for you, friends. That’s right: no more traveling great distances or standing in long lines awaiting Dr. Tingleton’s help! Simply download Dr. Tingleton’s miracles today!

In his spare time, Dr. Tingleton enjoys making god’s eyes, terarriums and writing letters to his beloved, Miss Matilda.